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About Us

We have all been on a path that led us to this role of a lifetime. We are here to create exceptional returns for all involved; our investors, our team, and the borrowers we serve.

Our Story

We have gathered from all walks of life with a single belief: That there is a better way. 

We believe there is a way to create exceptional returns with small to medium-sized businesses AND to support founders with great ideas to achieve their dreams. We have all been operators. We are ready and poised to help.

Our Business is Built on Partnership

Our team, investors, and founders maintain that our goal is to protect the growth of the business we serve collectively. We operate as a collaborative unit. Each set of circumstances is unique; we utilize our experience and passion to design solutions for alignment among all stakeholders.

  • A collaborative approach to debt capital structuring.

  • Customized solutions reduce friction with business, minimize costs and facilitate growth.

  • Engage with philosophically aligned founders, partners, and investors.

  • Process characterized by integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Meet The Team

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