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Unlocking New Dimensions with AON3D: 3D Printers That Can Take Us to the Moon

AON3D's mission is clear: make high-quality industrial 3D printing technology accessible and open source to drive innovation around the globe. With a focus on high-quality, open-source technology, they're not just participating in the additive manufacturing industry—they're leading it. Their latest hardware and software advancements are setting a new standard, offering unprecedented customization for clients. From facilitating space exploration to potentially revolutionizing medical device production, AON3D is proving that their technology is not just about creating parts—it's about opening up a world of possibilities for innovation across the globe. 

The AON3D Founding Story

AON3D team members at work

The 2015 inception of AON3D was driven by the founders' realization of the limitations of existing low-cost 3D printers in meeting the demands of business customers. They discovered that clients requiring high-temperature materials and larger build volumes - think spacecraft manufacturers - needed an option. This gap in the market led to the creation of a 3D printer designed to evolve with the client's needs.

With their new hardware, quality assurance testing software, and open-source printing materials capabilities, AON3D made a significant step forward in the high-performance 3D printing industry.

Core Values of AON3D

Innovation and Accessibility: AON3D breaks down the barriers that traditionally limit access to industrial 3D printing. The company continuously innovates to ensure its technology is advanced yet accessible to many users. They can do this because the team deeply understands polymers and thermoplastics and how to make them work properly. This understanding means companies that use their printers can choose the materials they want to use. This level of sophistication has never been seen before. 

Industrial 3D printing

Quality Above All Else: AON3D serves clients requiring parts that can withstand harsh conditions like extreme temperatures from cold to boiling. Building parts like these is very complex, and a lot can go wrong. AON3D revolutionized production with its approach to quality assurance to make sure every step is optimized. 

Customer-Centric Approach: AON3D prioritizes its customers' needs, offering tailored hardware, materials, and support. This dedication to serving the customer's mission has established AON3D as a trusted partner in the additive manufacturing industry.

The Evolution of AON3D's Printing Technology

AON3D launched Hylo, a new high-temperature 3D printer, and Basis, an additive manufacturing software platform. Hylo is a 'smart' printer capable of handling materials with greater specific strength than many metals, including carbon fiber and high-performance polymers like PEEK and ULTEM. These materials can handle temperatures up to 260°C and extreme chemical resistance. Hylo features an expansive build area and print speeds of up to 500 mm/s (millimeters per second), making it larger, faster, and easier to use than previous models. It is equipped with over 25 integrated sensors for advanced process control and monitoring, ensuring the production of reliable, accurate, and robust parts.

Hylo smart 3D industrial printer

On the other hand, Basis is designed to optimize the part through automation, reducing the need for downstream quality management. It adds material-specific thermal awareness to the process, optimizing the part's strength, accuracy, and surface finish. Basis also allows users to verify the part quality by viewing the printing process data in three dimensions, capturing a wide range of potential defects.

Why Does the Open Materials Philosophy Matter

AON3D has been committed to an open material ethos since its foundation in 2015. With this, they introduced the Readyprint Filaments to simplify the customized printing process by eliminating the need for customers to find quality suppliers, dry materials upon arrival, and create process parameters— all of which are tasks that could take substantial time and reduce productivity.

By reducing the complexities associated with open material systems, AON3D makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to adopt and benefit from 3D printing technology. This accessibility is crucial for innovation and competitiveness in various industries.

The ready-to-print nature of these filaments and the ability to optimize process parameters further enable manufacturers to customize parts to specific needs without the extensive pre-processing typically required. This flexibility is essential for applications requiring unique material properties or geometries.

The collaboration between AON3D and Kimya and optimizing these filaments demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and economic efficiency. By making high-performance materials more readily available, the partnership promotes local production and reduces the environmental impact of shipping and manufacturing.

AON3D is Helping Companies Get to the Moon…Literally

Astrobotic 3D printer collaboration

In 2021, AON3D, a North American 3D printer manufacturer, announced its collaboration with Astrobotic to support the first American lunar lander mission since Apollo 17 in 1972. This partnership aims to soft land the Peregrine Lander on the moon to mark a historic achievement with the first 3D printed parts, including mission-critical components and private payload 'MoonBoxes,' to land on the moon successfully.

Peregrine Mission One was launched on 8 January 2024, at 2:18 am EST, on the maiden flight of the Vulcan Centaur rocket by United Launch Alliance (ULA). Shortly after the lander separated from the Vulcan rocket in lunar injection orbit, an issue prevented it from completing its mission. After six days in orbit, the spacecraft was directed back into Earth's atmosphere, where it burned up over the Pacific Ocean on 18 January. Despite the initial setback, Astrobotics and AON3D continue pushing forward to make this vision a reality.

Kevin Han, CEO of AON3D, highlighted the partnership as a testament to the readiness of 3D printing to revolutionize manufacturing beyond prototyping. This collaboration not only showcases the capabilities of 3D printing in addressing the unique challenges of space travel but also opens new avenues for innovation in various industries on Earth. 

Space rocket launching

Looking to the future

Co-founder Randeep Singh continued Mr. Han's vision in an interview with Star Strong Capital. We discussed the possibility of applying the AON3D technology to new industries outside of space travel, specifically medical implants. The future of medical devices has significant potential to be optimized by AON3D. The company's technology offers the precision and safety needed to create medical devices, opening new possibilities for healthcare innovation.

Star Strong Capital x AON3D

Star Strong Capital's investment in AON3D is a testament to the company's innovative approach, technological leadership, market potential, and commitment to impacting industries on a global scale. This partnership fuels AON3D's continued growth and exploration into new applications and exemplifies Star Strong Capital's strategy of supporting businesses at the forefront of technological and societal change.

The future-oriented vision of AON3D, particularly its exploration into medical implants and devices, presents a clear trajectory for growth and innovation. Star Strong Capital is keen on investing in companies with a solid current standing and a forward-looking approach capable of disrupting and leading new markets. The potential of AON3D's technology to optimize the medical device sector, with its precision and safety, opens new avenues for healthcare innovation, an industry with critical importance and vast economic opportunities.


AON3D’s Significant Impact

AON3D has significantly impacted how industries approach manufacturing challenges, offering solutions that blend high-quality 3D printing with an open-source philosophy. Their work with Astrobotic, despite the setbacks, showcases their commitment to innovation and their potential to influence sectors from space exploration to medical devices. The partnership with Star Strong Capital emphasizes AON3D's growth trajectory and its dedication to exploring new applications for its technology. As AON3D continues to investigate the possibilities of additive manufacturing, its focus on customer-centric solutions and breaking new ground in industrial applications is setting a new standard for what's possible in both space exploration and healthcare advancements.

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