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Star Strong Capital: Hands-On Returns

Partner Foundations

Star Strong Capital (SSC) is an opportunistic non-bank lender with a human-centered mission. They invest in the long-term success of the businesses they serve.

Spring Hollis founded SSC in 2019 after working extensively in institutional credit and capital markets. Spring noted significant market gaps around early-stage business support and, in 2022, brought Rache Brand on as a partner to help propel their shared vision. Rache is an energetic operator proficient in early-stage growth acceleration and team building.

Spring and Rache enable businesses to scale through strategic capital allocation and operational support, driving exceptional returns for all stakeholders. Both partners combine decades of experience with a deep understanding of founders to help businesses avoid common pitfalls.

SSC recognizes the humanness of running a business while ensuring investors see consistent returns. They cultivate an approach that elevates above the often transactional relationships in capital investing. SSC provides tailored solutions so investors and owners both win. They achieve this by listening to and understanding the unique needs and concerns of each company they serve.

Star Strong Values

The success of the SSC portfolio businesses is deeply rooted in their commitment to a set of fundamental values:

  • Elevate visionaries

  • Catalyze sustained returns

  • Support operational excellence

  • Bridge capital with positive impact

  • Build lifetime businesses

These principles guide them in transforming early-stage capital into an impactful journey rather than just a transaction.

A keen curiosity and the ever-present desire to learn enables SSC to understand the challenges that businesses may face. They position themselves as strategic partners by taking the time to know the founders, owners, and their dedicated staff.

Adopting a human-centered approach empowers the SSC team to work alongside visionaries, assisting them in navigating issues that might otherwise trigger loan defaults. They are not just deploying capital; They are partners who play an active role in business development, strategy, and amplification. By doing so, they forge relationships based on trust and mutual growth.

This innovative approach helps founders develop sustainable businesses that offer sustained returns on investment and serve the world in a meaningful way. Through purpose-driven partnerships, Star Strong Capital makes a tangible difference – one company, one loan, and one success story at a time.

As a B-Corp and women-led firm, they bring a fresh perspective to the finance industry, leveraging unique experiences to solve problems and offer capital to traditionally underrepresented founders. They firmly believe in doing more and strive to be a force of positive change.

Values in Action: Brief Case Studies

SSC values live through their actions. They have the privilege of partnering with several exemplary businesses to help them navigate their unique challenges. Here are a few examples:

An Opportunity to Diversify Revenue: Many businesses experienced a shock when the pandemic hit. One of SSC’s clients was no exception. They suffered a significant loss in sales after one of their chief customers was acquired by an industry giant. Rather than forcing liquidation, SSC chose to be patient, assisting them in finding new customers and diversifying their customer acquisition processes. They leveraged the SSC community of support and network of professionals who could support this client through this transition.

Surviving Unanticipated Delays: One long-term client who creates customized corporate gifts encountered a big timing issue. The client invested heavily in inventory for a $3 Million contract that took six months longer than anticipated to move. Because SSC initially took the time to understand their business, runway, founders, and inventory value, they were able to work together to find a stop-gap solution. SSC temporarily restructured the loan and funded inventory purchases to make the delay manageable while the business secured their contract. After securing the $3 million contract, the portfolio company’s cash flows are more consistent, and the company has significant new client opportunities.

Investor Returns

Investing with Star Strong Capital is not just about supporting businesses; it's also a lucrative financial decision. They strive to provide investors with consistent, competitive returns. Their strategic, hands-on approach allows them to identify opportunities and manage risks effectively, resulting in a robust performance.

Emphasis is on helping businesses weather market shocks which also helps protect investor capital. Rather than forcing a liquidation at the first sign of trouble, SSC works with companies to develop solutions, thereby ensuring the long-term health of the loan and safeguarding investor returns.

At Star Strong Capital, They are reshaping the capital landscape for early-stage businesses. They are more than just a finance company; they are a partner, an advocate, and a catalyst for positive change, listening to the real stories and supporting.

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