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Establishing Life-Cycle Analysis Scoring as the New Standard for Validating Investments

Boundless Impact is an environmental research and analytics firm with a proprietary methodology for assessing and scoring the environmental performance of companies. Founded by Michele Demers in 2013, the company works primarily with early-stage clean technology companies that want to ensure accountability for their positive environmental footprint. The analysis Boundless provides can be an instrumental effort used during decision-making processes.

The company's analysts create reports to help clients differentiate their products, inform future product development and operational activity, and gain traction in their respective markets. Boundless reports are also used during the due diligence phase by investors who, with greater frequency, are considering environmental factors as they evaluate prospective investments.

In 2021, with opportunity on the horizon but with the pace of new deals slowing, Michele began to look at options for securing growth capital. She wanted to propel the company forward and have the ability to start leveraging AI and machine learning to generate automated growth. Boundless' Scope 1 and 2 formulas use a specific set of proven data. It is the intellectual property offering a chance to multiply the workflow with some level of automation rapidly.

"Star Strong understood what we were trying to do with the company and provided funding when it was needed. They showed much patience in helping me understand the loan terms and walking me through the application process. And I liked that they support women-led businesses and provide additional services and support to help their portfolio businesses grow."

After receiving an education from Michele on LCA's (Life-Cycle Analysis), Star Strong projects that someday, Boundless services and reports will become a requirement for all businesses and the only absolute measurement that will matter next to financials. Her philosophy has become a core differentiator in how SSC thinks about investing in companies – if it is not future-proofed, then the business will likely not make it. The business world is evolving, and while Michele is early to the stage, SSC believes LCA reporting will become a core practice.

With a keen recognition of the importance environmental reputation holds for CleanTech companies, particularly those seeking investment, SSC believed in what Michele and the Boundless team were doing. SSC delivered the growth capital to enable Boundless to shore up its consulting practice, build out and further refine services and technology, and prepare to expand its customer base.

Additionally, SSC always enjoys the opportunity to invest in a well-run, women-owned and led business. Educating on the topic of credit and working with Michele to show her how it could help elongate and extend her own business life-cycle has opened the door to opportunities with other women-owned businesses that often shy away from pursuing loans.

"There's never an easy time to be a small business, and a lot more competition has emerged, but we will get there."

By the spring of 2023, Michele succeeded in paying off the loan. Today, the company is experiencing steady growth, having amassed some significant assets within the SSC portfolio. Michele is now working with a lender focused exclusively on CleanTech companies. She credits her experience with SSC for providing the confidence to explore and pursue additional capital financing to fuel growth ultimately.

"Overall, the experience with SSC was very positive. They made me comfortable with pursuing a loan in the first place when I would not have been otherwise. Perhaps most importantly, they showed belief in my company."

And Star Strong Capital still has belief and excitement for what Michele is building in the market. If you are considering seeking investment and have a CleanTech appeal, look at Boundless Impact as a starting point to understand your competitive edge.

The performance quoted represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Not all investments made by Star Strong Capital LLC should be expected to be profitable.

The information and opinions provided herein should not be taken as specific advice on the merits of any investment decision. Investors should make their own decisions based on such investors’ own review of publicly available information and should not rely on the information contained herein.


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