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Additive Manufacturing for the Future of Industry 4.0

For most businesses, exponential customer demand is good, especially for those operating in highly competitive emerging markets like 3D printing. Industry 4.0 commands a more flexible opportunity for growth and expansion in all manufacturing industry segments.

AON3D is on a mission to remove all barriers to entry in industrial manufacturing in 3D printing. In addition to selling printers, the company's 360° business model includes providing the filaments and consumable materials needed to manufacture products. The company also offers ongoing services, training, and support. If a customer needs design and manufacturing support, AON3D will have its expert material scientists and engineers solve problems alongside that customer.

Industry 4.0 represents the convergence of digital technologies with traditional manufacturing processes to create a smart and connected manufacturing ecosystem. It is characterized by the extensive use of data, automation, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and other advanced technologies to enhance efficiency, productivity, and flexibility in manufacturing operations. The main goal of Industry 4.0 is to create "smart factories" that can adapt to changing demands and optimize production processes in real time, leading to improved product quality, reduced costs, and increased competitiveness. AON3D immediately lands in this industry.

As an industrial additive 3D manufacturing business, AON3D plays a pivotal role in Industry 4.0 by providing a fully integrated approach to manufacturing. AON3D's offerings and capabilities align with the principles of Industry 4.0 in that the company offers and delivers advanced technologies, a data-driven approach, connectivity and automation, and a focus on sustainability, customization, and collaboration.

Three years ago, AON3D was experiencing accelerated growth due to its unique business model, market demand, and the phenomenal success of its sales team. To meet immediate growth trajectories, the company needed a flexible capital partner to support accelerated and opportunistic demand cycles as they began their journey towards a capital raise.

Captivated by AON3D's multi-pronged approach to generating revenue from both multiple product lines as well as its expertise, Star Strong (SSC) recognized the company was scaling quickly and had the technical capabilities to match some of the most significant aerospace, precision manufacturing, and industrial engineering players in the market….and let's just say it was appealing to re-imagine 3D printing in a way that would lead to participating in the future of space exploration.

After analyzing the business's recent successes and recognizing the tremendous growth opportunities, SSC delivered the working capital AON3D needed to front load inventory investment, mitigate supply chain uncertainty, and stem the tide through their capital raise. SSC's support enabled AON3D to improve its Montreal facility, expand its service team, and respond to every new customer opportunity.

The Unique Role of Industrial 3D Manufacturing:

Industrial 3D manufacturing, or additive manufacturing, is a crucial enabler of Industry 4.0. Unlike traditional subtractive manufacturing, where the material is removed from a solid block to create a part, 3D printing builds objects layer by layer, using only the necessary material. This approach offers several unique advantages in the context of Industry 4.0:

Design Freedom: 3D printing allows for complex geometries and intricate designs that are impossible through conventional manufacturing techniques. This enables more significant innovation and the production of highly customized products.

Rapid Prototyping: Additive manufacturing accelerates product development by enabling rapid prototyping and iterative design improvements, reducing time-to-market for new products.

On-Demand Manufacturing: 3D printing facilitates on-demand production, allowing businesses to manufacture products as needed, reducing inventory costs, and minimizing waste.

Supply Chain Flexibility: By adopting 3D printing, businesses can decentralize production and bring it closer to the end-users, reducing lead times and making supply chains more agile.

Light-weighting and Material Efficiency: Industrial 3D manufacturing allows for optimized part designs with reduced material usage, leading to lighter components and improved resource efficiency.

As technology continues to evolve, AON3D is positioned to become a valuable partner for businesses looking to leverage the advantages of Industry 4.0 and unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing in the industrial landscape.

Recognizing the impressive power this industry can have in the overall manufacturing economy, the SSC team continues to support AON3D with unique financing strategies that enable the team to pursue additional expansion opportunities and further accelerate growth. SSC continues to help AON3D support its customers, develop new and innovative technologies, and expand its product ecosystem to fulfill this belief in the industry.

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