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About Us

Different disciplines. Curated to support growth.

We found each other. From meeting at a book club to connecting through the mentoring community to meeting online (you know, the traditional way), we have all been on a path that led us to the role of a lifetime. We are here for you. Handpicked and ready for action.

Our Story

We have gathered here from all walks of life with a single belief: That there is a better way. 

We believe there is a way to support founders with great ideas. We have all been operators. We are ready and poised to help.

Our business is built on partnership: within our team, with our investors, and with the industries we serve. We work with companies with diverse backgrounds operating in areas under-served by traditional capital markets. Each set of circumstances is unique; we utilize our experience and passion for designing solutions for alignment amongst all stakeholders.

  • A collaborative approach to debt capital structuring.

  • Customized solutions reduce friction with business, minimize costs and facilitate growth.

  • Engage with philosophically aligned founders, partners, and investors.

  • Process characterized by integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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