Star Strong Capital is a specialist asset management firm providing flexible debt capital solutions to early stage, growing companies operating in areas underserved by traditional capital markets.  We apply experience and passion to design solutions for alignment amongst all stakeholders.

Our goal is to equalize access to capital for underrepresented management teams to help businesses grow and reduce barriers to success, while providing healthy investor returns.

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Star Strong has been a great partner for us! Providing timely access to capital and flexibility, I couldn’t recommend them more.

What our Founders Say...

It was a great pleasure to work with Star Strong Capital for our recent funding.  Spring and her crew are very responsive, helpful, professional, and very organized.  More importantly, they connected well with me and understood my objectives as the founder of the company, and helped assess capital requirements and a detailed review of the paperwork.  The whole process exceeded my expectations.  I'd heartily recommend Star Strong to any other startup seeking early-stage funding.

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