We are on a mission to equalize access to capital.

Specialist asset management firm providing flexible debt capital solutions to early-stage companies operating in areas underserved by traditional capital markets. 

Tall order.

We know it's a tall order. We aren't afraid to say we are up for the task. We seek big ideas working towards systemic change because it matters. 

Often these are in areas where traditional financial opportunities are not accessible or overlooked.













SSC provides emerging and growth-stage businesses with flexible financing strategies to accelerate revenue and business growth. Often led by debt investments, we also equity with blended opportunities for return. 


We have a vast and supportive ecosystem of opportunities each of our portfolio companies can leverage towards their growth. From talented professionals to supportive resources we assess, determine, and make the right connections. 


Together we will rise. 

We assess, support, and help you through road map development to ensure strategic growth. We know it is perseverance that wins, not an overnight quick win.

Growth Insights



We will win.

It takes a team of strategic minds to evolve and tackle systemic issues. We believe we will do our best together. 

Our team is made up of experts willing to dig in and find the solution to help you grow.

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Working Together

Strategic Capital

“Great team, fast work. Quality documentation. Honest fair business.
Star Strong has been a great partner for us! Providing timely access to capital and flexibility, I couldn’t recommend them more."

Jessica, NYC

We are working towards the future of finance.

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